Mint Date - May 14, 2022


An out this world Metaverse on Solana.

Here you can be anything you want to be. Create, play, earn and enjoy as you jump into Azylum.


Azylum will be an application based metaverse that will facilitate a social space for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Search for different Azylum tokens throughout the metaverse, play to earn gaming, NFT auctions and much more… 


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The Phoenix is a space station that has 3 rings that represent the biomes : tropical, savannah, exotic. Each ring will rotate around the the center module in order to maintain a form of artificial gravity. The module at the center of the Phoenix known as the Central Sector. This is where most action will take place. Land granted by the Azylum Access Pass will give Businesses the ability to have online shops in the most concentrated area. Within the each of the 4 locations will be 1 stadium. These stadiums will be for e-sports and many other social events. 



This will be first launched as a Solana token, with plans to soon create a companion Ethereum token. These Solana tokens will launch late May 14, 2022 and have a supply of 7500. There will be 5 tiers, Tier 5 being the rarest of them all. Tiers 1-4 will be cards and Tier 5 is a mystery to the public for now until the mint. As well, 1-4 will grant access to land within 1 of 3 biomes (tropical, savannah, exotic, and the central sector). All tiers will grant owners their own piece of land, but the size and location of the land all depends on which tier you own. The price for each card is still up for grabs but we are looking at 1-2 solana and leaning more towards 2 at the moment.



Q2 2022

  • Mint of the Azylum Access Pass

  • Azylum listing on secondary markets

  • Focus on team expansion


Q3 2022

  • Cinematic trailer release

  • Azylum DAO released for holders

  • $AZLM Token creation

  • Second NFT collection

  • Increase advertising


Q4 2022

  • $AZLM coin listing on major platforms

  • Gameplay trailer release

  • Staking of $AZLM and NFT


  • Azylum Metaverse beta


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Hey I’m Diego Schleppe,
Honors Physics student from Texas A&M University turned into a full-time crypto enthusiast. With a strong background in rigid body modeling, web 3.0 development and a love for Game design, I cannot wait to create Azylum. I am excited with high hopes for the future of this project.

Co-Founder, Creative Director


Hey I am Ana Mia Gaston Risser,

I am the web development lead and the head community manager. My goal is to create a great and extensive community within Azylum. I am thrilled to grow hand in hand with this project, and get to know each and every member of our community.

Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer